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Our approach is diverse and inclusive, aspiring to excellence, performance and achievement.

Civil and Structural Engineering

  • Planning, design and construction of roads, parking facilities, retail centres, airport and fuel service stations

  • Construction of roads and related services in large business/industrial estates as well as residential estates

  • Bulk water and sewer services and reticulation in urban and rural areas

  • Rehabilitation of roads and stormwater management systems


Water and Sanitation Engineering

  • Feasibility studies and business plans

  • Water demand and water loss management

  • Network designs (bulk and distribution)

  • Conservation, treatments and rainwater harvesting schemes

  • Agricultural systems


Traffic and Transportation Engineering

  • Route location feasibility investigations of National and Provincial Routes

  • Road framework planning for cities and town

  • Public transport studies, including strategic systems planning, operations and management, infrastructure and policy studies

  • Public transport infrastructure planning and implementation

  • Micro traffic impact assessments through to CBD studies

  • Dynamic traffic simulation analysis

  • Parking studies, accidents investigation, road safety, traffic calming, intersection signalisation and specialist research


Freight and Logistics

  • Vehicle scheduling and inventory systems

  • Location studies for transport hubs

  • Operational studies

  • Hazmat and abnormal loads routing

  • Heavy goods vehicle network modelling and simulation analysis

  • Freight logistics forum secretariat (for five provinces)

Mining Services

  • Mining Asset Identification

  • Due diligence

  • Prospecting rights/mining licenses application

  • Legal submission for ministerial consents

  • Contracts and relevant legal instruments

  • Liaising and communications with affected parties and stakeholders

  • EIA reports

  • Rehabilitation compliance

  • Mine Plan, Operation and Business plan

  • Mining operation and project management

  • Drilling and Exploration


Beneficiation Services

  • Mechanical beneficiation projects development

  • Ferro Alloy Project development, execution and production


Information Technology

  • Custom Software Development

  • Asset Management Systems

  • Information Management Systems

  • Robotic Process Automation

  • Business Intelligence(BI) & Database Analytics

  • Cloud & Hosted Services

  • Web Design & Development

  • E-Commerce

  • IT Services & Solutions

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