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Delca Procurement

We focus on global market demands, lifecycle engineering and value chain management.


Our Corporate procurement team works to satisfy the specific and unique needs of each Client and to ensure the best quality and value for money of all materials and equipment.


Equipment and Commodity Aggregation

  • Based on the rich experience of promoters in EPC, we are venturing into trading and aggregation of physical commodities and equipment in the international marketplace

  • We venture our business with experienced and reputable local and international partners present in excess of 18 countries

  • Our Clients are primarily be based of Asia, UAE and African countries

  • We guarantee commitment to local and international shipping requirements and to deliver goods safely and securely with consistency and reliability.

  • We have established a network of leading manufacturers, traders, suppliers, distributors and bring the synergy to ensure a cost competitive advantage to out Clients.

  • We pride ourselves on exceptional service delivery in ensuring the distribution channel between the Supplier and the Buyer is complete.

We are here to make it a reality.

Tell us about your project today.

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