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Delca Construction

We have a full complement of qualified and dedicated professionals with extensive experience.

Project and Programme Management

  • Public Transport Facilities, Schools, Multi-purpose Centres, Health Facilities, Housing, Retail Centres and complete Site Development

  • Plan, design and implement projects, track progress, control resources, manage risks, estimate and communicate

  • Engage stakeholders, review projects, audit and quality assurance, training and development, plan strategy


Municipal Services

  • Planning, design and construction of public transport facilities

  • Construction of new roads and related municipal services

  • Bulk water and sewer services and reticulation

  • Demographic studies

  • Institutional support.


Architecture and Quantity Surveying

  • Aesthetically progressive and pleasing architectural solutions which contribute to a sustainable environment

  • Cost-engineering, cost-management and quantity surveying


Retail and Commercial Development

  • Project planning and design

  • Retail brokerage and investment sale brokerage

  • Financing and joint venture development.

  • Anchor tenant negotiations



  • Medium to heavy fabrication and erection of structural steel

  • Manufacturing of modular structures, pipe-racks, pipe-spools, fabricated tanks and site erected tanks (using the Jacking Method)

  • Workshop and fabrication facilities with over 25,000 m2 of open and closed space

  • Workshop includes an alongside load out quay dredged to 11 meters and a number of boat slipways and access to dry dock

We are here to make it a reality.

Tell us about your project today.

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